Sketch Of Written Dreams | Caracas, City Of Opposites I

In my previous ULOGS I told what I experienced in my previous week. Going to flute classes, working with my new teacher, taking up the physiotherapies and meeting again with the doctor and the physiotherapists.  All this made me recharge my batteries, fill me with motivation and keep moving forward in spite of the adversities, the bad weather and the low prices of the Steem.

I live the Caracas of the majority. I spend my time enclosed, limited by the underworld and the difficulty of movement in a city where public transport is a chaos. When I leave, I move with my two feet and use the Metro to reach my places of study and where I make one or another purchase of food. The city I see is a city of dirty and tired faces, where half of the men are dead in life, and the other half seeks to assassinate anyone who might have something of value in their pockets. I get into wagons full of sweat, odorous armpits, children crying at the top of their lungs and people insulting each other. Everyone is on their own, everyone hits each other and pushes each other to pass first and reach a position. If you are an old man, a pregnant woman or someone with any motor disability, there will be no kind of pity for you, and those sitting in the places assigned to you will pretend to be asleep and will not rise in spite of your condition and right.

When I come to the surface, I see a mob of barbarians crowding into a grocery store to buy regulated products, stealing, beating each other and even stabbing each other while the police uselessly demand order. Only those who are more experienced in the “bachaquerismo arts” are the lucky ones to be able to acquire the products. It doesn’t matter the order, it doesn’t matter who came first and who came next, it only matters how much of a despot you can become in order to pass over others.

College is a short-term oasis, I don’t spend more than 2 hours in a classroom and then return to the relative safety of my home, so despite the good experiences, the bad prevails in my day-to-day life.

That is the Caracas that I live, the one of my day to day, a city without mercy where those who do not adapt perish. And in that process of adaptation I fell, a part of me became barbaric, connected with the wild and I will tell how thanks to physiotherapy and flute lessons I realized it.

But it will be in an upcoming publication, stay tuned.

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Músico, flautista, arreglista y escritor. Since 1995. Caracas, Venezuela

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