Sketches of Written Dreams | First Publication

Sketches of Written Dreams | First Publication

Lately I’ve been pretty busy, collapsed I might say if I’m in the mood to be honest. I haven’t written much, and it seems that the busier I get, the less I do, the more I freeze and the more I procrastinate. I feel in my body that terrible sensation for any artist: The creative block.

The worries gather in the funnel of the hourglass that, despite the traffic, does not stop. Grain by grain, thought by thought exhausts time, the most valuable resource of all life.

However, within the chaos that almost cannot let me see, there are always flashes of light, small strings thrown from an unknown limbo towards the whirlwind of our existence. Most of us do not see them, our eyes are very closed, or we have simply given up already.

The smile of a child, the brightness of the sun, the singing of a distant bird, the music that returns from oblivion and the dust with vinyls.

Today I got myself with Luis Alberto Spinetta. I started listening to @pechichemena and because of algorithmic things, one musician took me to another. Enjoying who for many is the father of Argentinian Rock, my soul felt a rebirth, a nourishment of ideas that squeezed into my voice suffocating me with things to say.

Those who know me know that I am a lot to talk about, to go around a lot and walk through all the corridors of my mind without leaving any space without showing the friend who listens to me. So I said, “How about I make a space on my blog where I can throw out ideas and messy thoughts? Something like an eraser of fuzzy dreams that I still can’t give birth to.

And that’s how I wrote these lines, half tired half intoxicated of Barro Tal Vez. I think it will be the beginning of something interesting, therapeutic and in the best of cases, useful for all those who read me.

I therefore welcome my Sketches of Written Dreams. I hope you enjoy my digressions and mental contradictions. I hope you get dizzy enough to feel it real, but not so much that you leave some feedback in the comments.

Until then.


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Músico, flautista, arreglista y escritor. Since 1995. Caracas, Venezuela

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