Sketches Of Written Dreams | Relative Wealth II

Do you remember that some time ago I made a publication regarding the relativity of wealth around the world? I didn’t think it was a topic that would extend to more publications, but well, writing and writing I realized that I have much more to say about it. In this opportunity, I will not refer to wealth and its global imbalances, this time I will talk about the relativity of wealth right here in my country: Venezuela.

The society in which I live is undergoing major changes as a result of a humanitarian crisis and almost 20 years of misgovernment. The meritocracy that years ago led our country has disappeared, yesterday’s mothers told their children “you must study and go to university to be someone in life”; today the salary of a professional is much lower than that generated by an informal trader or a speculator who commits arbitrations in a market plagued with distortions.

As the gringos say, “all is about money. It was never about titles and knowledge, always behind “being someone in life” there was a “have money in your pocket” behind. Since having a title is no longer synonymous with assured prosperity, now mothers tell their children other things. To “have a contact”, to have a good position in government, to be a soldier or a criminal has become the new goal to reach for all young people today.

This has caused changes in the socio-economic strata of our Venezuela. The middle class as we knew it has almost completely disappeared. Some have become impoverished, and others have fled to other countries. Instead, a new class of wealthy people has been born with the possibility of eating in restaurants on weekends, traveling to the nearest beach or going to the mountains.

The fact that study and knowledge are no longer the success factors in a country, greatly affects its productivity and the quality of goods and services that can be found in its market. Young people grow up in an environment where good customs, morals and lights and, above all, respect for the law and authorities do not receive any kind of reinforcer; on the contrary, these behaviors are punished, because people who want to “play fair”, compete in terrible disadvantages compared to those who make tricks a fundamental part of their strategy in the fields of labor. Thus, those who have grown up without seeing a world different from the one Venezuela offers them today think that “studying is for assholes,” that “you have to play alive,” and diversity of thoughts that, in the long run, will result in an absolute undermining of citizenship, giving rise to full barbarism, that barbarism that reminds us of feudal times.

Taking these social elements into account, the economic is also distorted, the concept of wealth changes and becomes an abstract object with a different meaning depending on which eye sees it. But that’s what I’ll talk about in the next publication. Until then, we will read on.

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