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In the previous publication I talked a little about the social changes and beliefs about the “prosperity formula” in my beloved Venezuelan society. I explained that, as a product of the dictatorial regime that controls my country, meritocracy has become a myth, and foul play and disobedience to the law have been established as indispensable requirements for “economic success.  However, I have not spoken about what is considered “success” in my country, because that will be the subject to be developed in this publication. Feel comfortable and enjoy reading.

Globally, the concepts of “lower class”, “middle class”, and “upper class” are used. It is a standard that defines the economic possibilities possessed by an individual or family group.

The lower class is associated with a financial interval that ranges from people in extreme poverty, through people in a state of poverty and ends in workers or salaried workers who receive a minimum wage. People suffering from extreme poverty are characterized by being unable to cover the most basic need of all: food. Their lack of income is such that they cannot cover their food with any kind of food, even the cheapest and easiest to access. On the other hand, there are people in a situation of poverty; these are those with the possibility of moderately covering their food needs, but without consuming all the food necessary for a balanced diet with the calories needed per day; proteins are the most scarce for people in this stratum. Closing the low class are the wage earners, are those workers who persevere the minimum wage stipulated by the country where they work; they can usually cover their need to eat properly, but their ability to buy goods such as houses or cars is limited by their low income, so they tend to rent real estate and other goods.

Then there is the middle class, where there are people or family groups ranging from qualified technical personnel, first, second and third grade professionals, and small entrepreneurs with small and medium sized businesses. This class is characterized by having the highest consumption of goods and services. It is the class that owns or has the possibility of obtaining a mortgage and paying it in a constant and responsible way without risk to the broken bank. They can go on vacation around the world, save for retirement, and invest in small businesses with their savings.

The rest of human beings in the world belong to the upper class, class with the economic possibility of enjoying luxury goods and services. Mansions like home, super-autos, helicopters and even private jets to move quietly around the globe.

Now, in Venezuela the concepts of low, middle and high class are completely different. This aspect will be discussed in the next publication. Until then, we will read on.


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