ULOG #10 | Creating New Habits

After a whole week without sitting down to write on my blog, here I am again to the delight of a few, and the indifference of the majority.

What were you doing all this time? Well, to basically collapse. Currently my main economic income is musical freelancing, thank God I got a couple of good projects last week that occupied all my time and tranquility. During that week I saw how my free time disappeared, how I was forced to stop doing many of the things I like (like writing through this medium) to focus only on my most pressing obligations and the projects to be delivered with fairly tight deadlines.

I realized that there is an important fraction of my time available daily that is wasted on useless thoughts, worries mostly destined to anguish me for the many things I still have to do. More or less it goes like this: I finish a task, then I think about what I must do next and I think to list an endless list of pending tasks, which makes me quite anxious, at the end of the list, I get a little confused about where to start, so I enumerate the list again a second time, so, repeat to infinity. Definitely thinking about how much there is to be done while nothing is being done is one of the most effective things against daily efficiency and productivity.

I understood that I had to concentrate on one thing at a time, forget the existence of the long list while performing a task, and act as if I only had to do one activity. That gives me the peace of mind to be able to concentrate better on what I do. It worked, but a new problem appeared. Impatience and boredom.

It turns out that focusing on just one thing for a relatively long time is one of the things that I find most difficult to do, I just sit down to write a couple of lines, and I’m already feeling like going to the bathroom, drinking water, eating, having a snack, watching a video on youtube or just doing another task; this makes concentrating completely on one task a titanic challenge. Once again, San Google was the answer to all my ills.

Putting in automatic reproduction a list of videos in youtube with topics related to programming and web development, a kind of reflection given by one of the most esteemed programming professors of the platform began to sound. I was talking about my problem: “How to concentrate on just one activity at a time”. During 35 minutes of my life I could hear this person’s opinion about the importance of concentrating on one thing at a time.

We live in a very fast world, a whirlpool of events that trap us in their speed and vertiginosity. We are having lunch, while the tv news tells the facts of the previous day, we keep the computer on waiting for an email and we also have our cell phone in our hand checking our social networks. We are taught that the more things better, that the better you have your “multiple attention”, the better you will do; but the truth is that, if your wife or husband asks you to pass the butter, your brain will collapse among so many electromésticos when trying to add one more task to the web of things that happen.

The person I saw in that video didn’t invent anything new, the Chinese and the Indians have been shouting the same thing at us Westerners for about 5,000 years! Moved like mind-fullness or full concentration, they are nothing more than modernized versions of Tao-Tse, or the reflections of the Indian gods on the importance of living in the present.

If there is one thing I must accept, it is that the process of concentrating on one thing at a time and fully, is a matter of habit. It is not built overnight, patience and discipline will allow me to achieve my goals after repeating and repeating what I want to achieve.

For now I will be telling you how things are going. Today was a good day, I delivered a project, received a very good impression from the client and studied flute quite concentrated compared to previous days. I hope to be able to keep track of how I’m doing in this way and be able to measure my progress in a few months’ time.

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