ULOG #9 | Returning to My Conventional Social Networks

ULOG #9 | Returning to My Conventional Social Networks

I’ll be honest… that title is a bit clickbaiting. For you to get back to something, you must have started it at some point in your life, right? Well, I like to start using my social networks in an active way… well, as if not. I always wanted to, actually. I saw hours and hours of videos on youtube about digital marketing, content marketing, inbound marketing, SEO and many other related topics; I became that kind of “experts” who abound in life, people who “know a lot” but never put their knowledge into practice.  I justified the lack of activity in my social networks at the time, studies, work, whatever appeared in my mind, but the truth was that I was afraid. The power of social networks is enormous, being able to reach so many people in such a short time, being judged by thousands, is something that is always taken into account and makes you doubt every letter you write. However, Steemit helped me a lot.

Certainly in the platform there is not the format of “stories” that Ig, Fb and Snapchat have, but here you also have to be authentic, transmit to each reader what you are, and that is quite intimidating.

I learned how to write, I did narrative, micro-stories, poems and even literary analysis, but let me tell you something: make a video, looking at a lens as if it were a human being, connect with the emotion you want to transmit and radiate security and authenticity – it’s not at all easy! It’s a very new format for me, I still feel a little uncomfortable, but I’m sure that with time it will become more natural and everything will improve.

The idea of activating myself in the networks is to build my personal brand and consolidate it as a goal for the rest of this year and the first quarter of next year. Throughout my music injury story, I intend to connect with musicians and non-musicians, talk about life’s struggles, perseverance, love for passions and social labels. I have a lot to say if I am honest. First I will tell the story of my injury, publication by publication. After that I will begin to share my music.

This is just the beginning, and I have received so many messages and even calls of support. It has been a pleasant surprise, and I am imagining the wonderful things that will come with time and new followers.



I invite you to this trip! Come with me to tell the world who I am. 


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