I studied Mozart, but I ended up doing Hip-Hop II.


Ok, ok… certainly the title is a bit clickbaiter, so to avoid misunderstandings with people who want to comment poison without reading the full publication, I will use these first lines to clarify something: In my opinion, all musical genres have something interesting, have my respect and no discredit, much less discredit to those who are dedicated to making x’s or ye genre instead of classical music or hard bebop. Having clarified this, I continue my reflection.



As I said in the previous publication, I was a musician dedicated 100% to the academic world, before injuring myself. I had to reinvent myself, learn new ways of earning money and thanks to the economic crises that devastated my life and that of many others, I have managed to take advantage of everything I have set out to do.

The last reinvention was as a consequence of the fall in the prices of crypto currencies. I lived off it, I had a child and a woman in my care, I had to do something and soon in order to maintain the stability of the home. That’s how I started to shoot arrows everywhere. Even though music became something I loved, but I stopped seeing it as a possible source of income, it was a target I knew very well, so I threw my arrows in that direction, as if not to leave, with absolutely no hope at all. Ironically, of all the places to which I directed my attempts, music was the only one I got right.

It was thanks to a South Korean on the other side of the planet that gave me the opportunity to start my career as a session musician, the person you hire to record the instruments of your musical projects. He was interested in my work because he liked my purified sound, a product of many years of making long notes. Although he had almost no information about me and my portfolio was almost empty, he decided to entrust me with the recording of a flute for a couple of his tracks.

That was the beginning of everything, now my portfolio is beginning to take shape, clients are arriving with better attitudes and budgets and little by little I get some stability in a job that by its nature lacks a constant income.

A couple of weeks ago I recorded and composed a flute for a new client. Being an excellent producer, he was able to tell me in detail what he wanted to achieve with the flute within his theme. Having everything I needed I sat down to write, a couple of days later I was delivering a paper which I felt quite satisfied and glad to have done.


I Was Saying is the name of this wonderful song that I had the honor to record. The mixing and mastering work is wonderful and highlights what I accomplished with my instrument.I began the path of music by playing Mozart, life has turned a thousand times and it has given me the opportunity to expand my horizons. There is a world of sonorities, styles, harmonies and technical complexities that I still don’t know and that I must learn to continue improving in the service that I offer.

I hope you like this work that I have shared today, and I would love to hear your opinions in the comments box.


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Músico, flautista, arreglista y escritor. Since 1995. Caracas, Venezuela

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