Sketches Of Written Dreams | Christmas and New Year

December is a good month for sellers and businessmen in general, there are a lot of festivities and, no matter where you are on the globe, you will be able to observe any celebration in the last month of the year. Religious festivities, homelands or simply created by the collective imagination come together to cheer everyone up equally… or to make them spend all their money?

I won’t deny the beauty of those holidays, no matter how overwhelming your work, you’ll always have a few days off in December. These days are used by most people to gather as a family to celebrate the birth of God, Hanuka, the arrival of Santa Clauss or any other celebration. It’s a nostalgic time, the year is coming to an end and we look back with some reflection on what we’ve done.

All these elements together make us enter into an introspective state that could be extremely useful to start a year in the right way. However, what if all this is a deception? what if it is just a date that various power factors decided to choose to encourage mass consumption? I don’t want to get conspiracy or anything like that, but the Catholic Church has already stated that Christ was not born in December and that the choice of date was only a way to fight against pagan festivals that took place at those same times of the year.

Many times I feel alien to all that emotionality. I see the tears, the promises of keeping in touch with loved ones that end up breaking down; and let’s not even talk about the diets or gym trips that never happen! Without wanting to look like a Grinch, I think that the desire for change, renewal, the desire to spend time with family, and setting goals for the future should be something we do throughout the year, not just in the last month of the year. We don’t need holidays to give each other gifts or to tell each other how we feel. In contrast, those who sell products and services related to the various holidays do need a ruckus to massively increase your sales.

I don’t know if everything will be on purpose, I don’t think about the existence of castes that seek to control the masses, I don’t think about cloudy documents or information on the internet of dubious origin, but I do see that in January the euphoria diminishes, people arrive tired, with hangovers and empty pockets, while the rich doubled their goods thanks to Christmas carols and gifts wrapped in colorful little boxes.

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