ULOG #12 | Returning to Physiotherapy

As some of you know, I have a muscular injury in my lip that makes it a little complicated to play my instrument, I have been struggling with the injury for 2 years, accompanied by my doctor and physiotherapists who support me. After several months without going to therapy, last week I reactivated my trips to the rehabilitation center.

The smiles, the words of welcome and the warm gestures were not long in coming from old acquaintances. I sat in the waiting room, after a while my name was announced and I proceeded to prepare myself to work with one of the excellent professionals of the center.

I told him all my advances, what I feel I have achieved and what I think I still need. I took out my instrument and, with various demonstrations, I explained to him those technical questions that are still difficult for me. He was very patient, understood each one of my explanations and soon proceeded to structure a training session focused on attacking those weaknesses mentioned by me.

A little electric current with TENS, heat with infrared light and then, let’s train!

Ice and massages preceded three super difficult exercises for me that seek to strengthen that weak area. After about 20 minutes of training, the session ended. I thanked from the bottom of my heart, and left with a smile on my face.

I feel that my full recovery is approaching, it’s getting closer and closer to happening. I believe that, for the first time in all this hard walking, I have faith in my body and its ability to recover. I really feel like I will return to the level of flute I had before.

My positivism and motivation come from two events of the week: my flute class recounted in a previous publication, and my experience at the rehab center. I feel more motivated than ever and this is reflected enormously in my daily willingness to perform the exercises correctly with all the concentration they deserve. Maybe someday I’ll do some vlogs grimacing in front of the camera, explaining each of the exercises I do to improve. What do you think? Do you think it would be a good idea? Don’t hesitate to tell me in the comments box. I’ll be reading to you.

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