ULOG #8 | Recording Session at Latiegue Studio!!!

I have discovered a huge passion for the world of music production. It all started when I started college a couple of years ago. In it, we share spaces future composers, performers, directors and producers. In that profesions salad, it is inevitable to ask about the knowledge of the other, to learn about other specialties and to bring an integral education through the sharing among study companions.

In my first semester of the college, the producer’s role in music was not very clear; I always imagined them as a kind of pimp of Sounds, a guy whose goal was to become a millionaire with another’s musical work. Today I understand how wrong I was. The producer is a versatile professional, capable of crecording his own instruments (in most cases), Compose and know all the technological tricks that get that final product you hear on Spotify.

When I met the various music competitions that exist out there, I decided to participate in one of them. It wasn’t until I tried to record my first theme that I realized how complicated it was to have a good result. One thing is, to make the music sound good live, and another sooo diferent is to make it sound good in the bugles of your computer or cell phone. The Great barrier of knowledge that I faced seemed impassable, but little by little, with the help of some connoisseurs of the matter, I have been improving my skills to produce my own music.

One of those people who has been teaching me a lot is Exzor Latiegue (@exzorltg), I always tell him that he knows more than a Maggi cube (Dehydrated flavoring. A Spanish game of words). He is a multi-instrumentalist, music producer, audiovisual producer, photographer and also has knowledge of graphic design!

A couple of days ago I chose it to produce a music that I had asked for on request. At the end of that day, I felt that my head was going to explode from the amount of knowledge I had acquired. I was able to understand the whole process of recording and editing, from the smallest and simplest details to the most unimaginable tricks. As a result, we were able to deliver impeccable work that amazed the client, who btw.. is Korean… Do You know how hard it is for a Korean to agree to something? His fame of perfectionists is not a myth, it is part of his culture and I really feel so proud of my recording, and the production work that made @exzorltg.

¡¡Promotion alert!!

Working with Exzor resulted in a great musical product, I am sure I would not have achieved half of the success but would have been for all his knowledge and equipment he owns. Seriously, if any musician is looking for someone to mix and masterice their material, or any boyfriend wants to surprise his girlfriend dedicating a song but is very out of tune, this guy will know how to make you sound like Luis Miguel, Maluma or Mick Jagger.

Being in a studio and recording was a completely enriching experience, made me revive my love of music, gave me a break and momentum in the mid of all this madness that is living in my country of which I am not exempt. Soon I will be starting back to the city where I study and live, I hope before that I can record something to give it all of you and you can enjoy my work as much as I do.

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